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Designer, Artist & Fashion Maven

Jess, born and raised in Rockford, Illinois, has always had a strong passion for design and art. Growing up, she was fortunate to have a loving mother whose own passion for sewing and unique style gave her insight into clothing construction, and a bonus mother who played a significant role in shaping her interest in fashion and beauty. Both of these influential women had their own unique styles and taught her valuable lessons in color pairing, coordinating accessories, and presenting yourself in Style & Grace.


In high school, she learned of the ability to tell a story and express emotions through clothing and this fascinated her. After experiencing a challenging childhood, God delivered a word of encouragement. At that time a purpose in life didn’t have the value that it would later in life. But what stuck was His word; “To make yourself available, for a younger generation. They will see you through this.” With that, her purpose was realized and will remain her reason for thriving to succeed in this industry.


The Bible in 2 Kings 4, tells the story of a woman who is struggling to pay her debts. Elisha takes what she has, and she is blessed enough to pay her debt, and provide for others and then herself and 2 sons. In recognizing that fashion and art could be powerful tools, allowing individuals to represent themselves authentically and tell a story about who they are, Jess has remained in the industry God placed on her heart.


Adress’d is a purpose-fueled clothing brand birthed out of a life full of profound growth, that has inspired Jess’s creativity and led her to pursue a career in Christian Entrepreneurship.

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Love My Culture Collection

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