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with JRS

Building the next generation of bold, smart, and confident young women one project at a time! 

Hip Hop Girl


This class can be as little as a 1 or 2hr project, to 2 weeks of creating a trending garment as a group or individually. The goal is to leave with the knowledge of clothing construction, that will teach young girls how to create and restore apparel. 

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Art Classes

This class is 2-4 sessions long. We will meet to discuss art and the story we'd like to tell through our artwork. We will then spend 1-2 weeks meeting and working on our individual final projects as a group. 

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Social Media / Blogging

This is a 2 hr class, spent discussing who we are and how we intend to represent ourselves and our brand. 

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Creating A Clothing Brand

This a multi-session class, spent individually developing your own brand: Name, Logo, Mission, and Vision Statements. In the following classes we discuss the future of our brand, and launch our brands with T-shirts, hoodies, or other accessories.  

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